Alright! Well, I haven’t posted on this blog for over a year, so I think I should try and use it a bit more.

I’m officially done with college. I graduated on the 29th and all the grades are in and final. It’s easy to breathe a sigh of relief, but things aren’t even close to being done. My portfolio is, to be honest, a bit weak. It needs to be filled and that is what I am going to do.

In two months, I will have no place to live. This does not include the home of my parents, but I want to avoid sitting around that place. You see, my parents live in the Florida Keys. That’s where I grew up. Things are different down there. Slower. Warmer. Uh…drunker. In the Keys, we have what is called a “Keys Rat.” You don’t want to be a Keys Rat. This species of rat does not want to grow up. They don’t want to move away from the sun, water, and relaxation. These animals-by this I mean people-might finish highschool. After this, they might go to college. And if they finish college, they might get a job that doesn’t include a paper hat. After, before, or during any of these things, the rat can decide to try again, but do things differently, or not. The latter involves the rat moving back to the Keys (if they have actually left) and doing nothing more than getting drunk or wearing said paper hat. All of this is bad. I have seen this. This is bad.

So, here I am. I have two months to get some more stuff together. I can do it. I have the technology…and a plan. In the months ahead, you will see my plan come to life. I will model, texture, design, draw, etc. until I feel proud. I will feel that good kind of pride. The pride that I deserve.

Now, my computer just needs to hold out just a little bit longer…

See you in a while with some new things.